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The Regeal Affimet quality standards are recognized by professionals in the automotive, aerospace, army, railway, urban furniture, engineering,mecanical ...

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Our raw material

Our raw material: your scraps


60 000 tons a year of recycling scrap

We are interested in your aluminium scrap (see details in our « Regeal’s supplier charter ")

Regeal AFFIMET has a shredding plant / drying and de-ironing turnings. We are as well equipped with a crusher and with some rotary furnaces which allow us the smelting of scraps partially contaminated.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any quotation request.

We are recycling 60 000 Tons of scraps.

Regeal AFFIMET buys mainly in France and Europe, some waste and scraps of aluminium directly by the producers and on the recycling market.

We use principally some products as :

 - some dross,

 - some turning (every analysis, in  brick or random) :

Some new waste and others ,

some mixed aluminium ,

some crankcases and wheels (with lead and valves)

- The offsets :

some non-plasticized stacks of thin sheets

radiators in aluminium and copper without iron and in random

aluminium issued from the recycling collection

We buy as well some several filler metals as:

some silicium ( 553, 3303,...)

some copper in granules

some nickel

and others...

We are producing a very wide range of alloy which allow us to exploit every kind of analysis. The production site in Compiègne has a historical culture of scraps, which brings Regeal AFFIMET to a preferred contact on every file you would have to study. Do not hesitate to contact us.