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The Regeal Affimet quality standards are recognized by professionals in the automotive, aerospace, army, railway, urban furniture, engineering,mecanical ...

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Regeal Affimet,
Manufacturer of Aluminium alloys

Founded by PECHINEY in 1966, Regeal AFFIMET produces and markets primary and secondary alloys, sold as ingots to various industrial fields of activity : automotive, aeronautics, army, railway, mechanical, urban furniture, the main European countries and abroad (Israël, Poland, United States, India, Sweden, Finland,...)

Subsidiary of the AUREA Group since 2009 (European leader in sustainable development), Regeal AFFIMET offers the widest product range of aluminium alloys of the French market.

In an international context, Regeal AFFIMET has continuously invested in the last few years to satisfy the sharpest technical’s requirements of the most customers, with a top priority: maintaining our knowledge and constantly improving our performances at all levels of our processes.

  • Regeal Affimet

    Regeal Affimet, Compiègne

  • RTF : Rotating tilting furnace

    RTF : Rotating tilting furnace

  • Regeal Affimet à Compiègne - Chantier moulage des sows sur RTF

    Sows casting area

  • RTF : Rotating tilting furnace

    RTF : Rotating tilting furnace

  • Reverberatory furnace

    Reverberatory furnace

  • Casting production line

    Casting production line

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